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about us
founded in 1978, qingdao aofu machinery co., ltd. specializes in r&d, production and sales of car lifts and three-dimensional parking equipment. it was listed in qingdao lanhai equity exchange center in september 2016, and the equity transaction code is 800529.

the factory covers an area of 38,000 square meters with the building area of 18,000 square meters. there are more than 150 employees, including 13 professional managers and 15 engineers, including 4 senior engineers, 5 electrical engineers and 31 professional technicians. modern production workshops, good working environment; the company has obtained the qualification of special equipment production by the national lifting center, and has dozens of independent patented technologies; the main products are heavy duty car lifts, trench lifts, movable lift, four-post lift, floor to floor lift(vrc car lift), three-dimensional parking garage and a variety of mechanical casting products. the company's mechanical heavy duty lifts and floor to floor lifts are the first design and invention in china, filling the gap in the industry; the mechanical heavy duty car lift is the industry blueprint, and the “aofu” qj series lift products have won the national new product award for many times.

qingdao aofu is a member of the china automobile warranty equipment industry association. it has been rated as a national aaa credit enterprise, a taxpayer aaa enterprise, a chinese auto insurance integrity enterprise, and an excellent member of the auto maintenance industry. china's auto industry industry service awards; the company pays attention to innovation, has won the third prize of the national transportation enterprise management modernization innovation award and the first prize of the automobile industry innovation achievement issued by the ministry of communications; the products have won the honor of qingdao specialization and new products.

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