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aofu advantage
1.aofu scale
established in 1978, qingdao aofu machinery co., ltd. covers an area of 18,000 square meters and is an independent research and development team specializing in r&d, production and sales of automobile lifts, hydraulic lifting platforms and car lifts.
has nearly 40 years of r & d and manufacturing experience. the company was listed on the blue ocean equity exchange center in september 2016.
2. heavy duty car lift product advantages
qingdao aofu produces the first mechanical heavy duty car lift in china, which is the blueprint for the domestic mechanical cart lift industry; the market share of cart lift products is high, and the bus passenger transport units in the provinces and the country are over 80%. commercial cart manufacturers maintain close relationships;
3.hydraulic lift parking equipment advantages
the first hydraulic floor lift machine fills the gap in the industry, greatly improves land utilization, saves land rent, and maintains cooperative relations with many brand 4s stores. it sells products all over the country and truly solves the problem of urban parking;
the company has the national special equipment a-level manufacturing qualification issued by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine; the product quality is tested by the national crane structure; the product quality is directly underwritten by picc; ce eu international certification; national 9001 quality system certification.
5.timely response
sales personnel and dealers in all regions have the need to respond in a timely manner; can be measured by a person to guide the construction, free planning of the site, give the best solution; product delivery to the door, one-stop service;
6.convenient after sale
free on-site installation after sale, training and common problem solving, one-year warranty, lifetime after-sales service; product failure, lifetime remote guidance and repair; if on-site repair, 24 hours in the province, 48 hours outside the province to the scene; 

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