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welcome to qingdao aofu mechanical co., ltd.
  • 2016 september
    in september, it was listed on the qingdao blue sea equity exchange center.
  • 2012 february
    the name “qingdao aofu industry & trade co., ltd.” has been renamed as “qingdaoaofu machinery co., ltd.”, and there are no branches or subsidiaries.
  • 2002 may
    independently renamed qingdao aofu industry and trade co., ltd.。
  • 1994 january
    established qingdao aofu automobile warranty equipment co., ltd.with taiwan fu kelai.
  • 1990 june
    appraised by china association of automobile insurance as: blueprint for chinese mechanical car lifts.
  • 1987 january
    the company develops at a high speed, expands production scale, and masters core technologies. on the product, the company officially abandoned the shackle business and specialized in the production of auto maintenance equipment.
  • 1985 june
    in cooperation with qingdao hardware power plant, it successfully launched the first domestic car lift qjj20-4b (beam type lift), which is a milestone in the domestic auto industry.
  • 1978 october
    formally established in october: qingdao aoshan automobile warranty machinery factory mainly produces shackle small products, mainly for exporting foreign trade customers.
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