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the sco summit of qingdao , visit guilin to celebrate the 40th anniversary

      on june 9, 2018, the sco ushered in the first summit of the heads of state after the expansion of the summit - qingdao summit, the shanghai cooperation organization once again entered china time. after 17 years of development, the sco has gone from the banks of the huangpu river to the coast of the yellow sea. china has chosen to hold the sco summit in qingdao, an important home-based diplomatic event, with profound implications. qingdao has close links with the “one belt, one road” initiative, and organically combines ancient confucian culture with modern port culture. the qingdao summit will become a new milestone in the development of the sco.
       first put two beautiful pictures of the qingdao summit.

       at the same time, qingdao aofu machinery co., ltd. also ushered in its 40th birthday! established in 1978, qingdao aofu machinery co., ltd. specializes in r&d, production and sales of car lifts and three-dimensional parking equipment. it was listed in qingdao lanhai equity exchange center in september 2016, and the equity transaction code is 800529. it is the governing unit of china automobile warranty equipment industry association. it has been rated as a national aaa credit enterprise, a taxpayer aaa enterprise, a chinese auto insurance integrity enterprise, and an excellent member of the auto maintenance industry. it has won the auto maintenance industry development achievement award, china steam the company pays great attention to innovation. it has won the third prize of the national transportation enterprise management modernization innovation award and the first prize of the automobile industry innovation achievement issued by the ministry of communications. the products have won the honor of qingdao specialization and new products.
       qingdao aofu adheres to the management philosophy of “rigorous, efficient, collaborative and enterprising” and the corporate tenet of “unity, hard work, integrity, dedication and innovation”. it has a high-quality r&d, management, and sales team; all over the country, and exported to the united states, russia, europe and other countries and regions, favored by domestic and foreign markets and widely praised, has a leading position in the auto industry.
       the 40th anniversary coincides with the qingdao sco summit. qingdao aofu machinery co., ltd. specially organized and served some of the old employees who have served for decades in guilin. feel it together!
some employees have a 40-year anniversary photo!


   there is a place to have a car!

 china red 40th anniversary icon.

boating the lijiang river.

stop and listen!

taste the yi rice wine!

listen to the dai silverware culture.

experience the traditions of ethnic minorities.

employees have a birthday!

experience minority weddings!

happy times are always short-lived, and the guilin line of the week is over, and everyone will re-enter the intense work. forty years of hurricane and rain, the market has been honed for forty years, and the glory of the glory of the year of incomprehension has been raging. hundreds of crickets compete for thousands of sails, and the wind and water start a new journey. the land can be swayed and pursued. aofu people will make unremitting efforts, look to the international market, and march toward a century-old enterprise!

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