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auto parking lift
2 post auto parking lift

one space, two parking spaces

product usage

suitable for residential areas, small garages, can be designed according to the site shape

  • model number
  • af2000
  • lift high(mm)
  • 1935
  • length(mm)
  • 4154
  • equipment height(mm)
  • 2960
  • width(mm)
  • 2195
  • input voltage(v)
  • 380/220

adapted to repair shops, office buildings, homes, residential properties, hotels, units and other places.
it can be designed according to the different shapes of different sites and installed at multiple angles.
rigid large tension wire rope drive.
the traditional mechanical double insurance mechanism is safer and more reliable.
the oil circuit adopts a throttling device to make the machine rise and fall smoothly.
the use of imported hydraulic components makes the oil circuit cylinders safer and more reliable.
the platform is long and the machine is wide, which is more suitable for different models.
take up one space and have two parking spaces to save valuable space.
advanced spray molding process, beautiful color, green and environmentally friendly, lead-free, anti-corrosion ability, durable.


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